Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand.

This sentence is taken from a collection of ancient Chinese writings attributed to Xunzi (Xun Kuang) that discusses effective learning strategies, the importance of learning through experience. It could have been adopted as the motto of the SIMELTA project, because we believe in the importance of student involvement in learning a language. By the way, how did we learn the basics of our mother tongue, other than through situations, repetitions, gestures, emotions?

We are a team of teachers who believe in the power of drama and gestures in teaching a foreign language.


Having used these techniques for many years, having studied them throughout the project, we all know the positive impact on students, also on teachers.

Language learning through drama is:
Language learning through drama implies breaking with:
  • Communication

  • Isolation
  • Collaboration

  • Apathy
  • Creativity

  • Prejudices and stereotypes
  • Critical thinking

  • Depression
  • Body language

  • Dependence
  • Interaction

  • Feeling of failure
  • Games

  • Barriers and fears
  • Emotional involvement

  • ageing
  • Confidence building

  • low self-esteem
  • Autonomy

  • Multicultural and civic awareness

  • Social inclusion

  • Lifelong learning

  • Self-expression


Throughout the SIMELTA project, we have met men and women who teach  foreign languages, in different contexts and for different audiences.

We observed and listened to the learners: men, women and children who learn the language of a host country, those who seek to strengthen basic knowledge, those who work to obtain a diploma, degree, etc.

From our existing investigations and experiences to these new meetings, we took the time to study, reflect, adapt and design aids for all trainers, whether they are teachers, trainers, independent speakers who want to try out this new practice. And so, on our website, you will find video tutorials, digital media to download, as well as training offers, advice, contacts.

Believe us when we say, challenge your methods! The results will be positive, not only for your students, but also for you. Because it is so enjoyable to pass on knowledge to a class that is attentive, lively, motivated and therefore demanding. The impacts are positive, inspiring, rewarding for both parties. Drama is a powerful binder, which allows the student groups, teachers included, to go through this transmission of knowledge in a harmonious atmosphere, where the individual regains his first instinct, that of the group!




The letter to language teachers, trainers, educators, anyone interested in using theatrical activities in teaching languages.