The first promotional seminar on the use of drama elements in English classes was opened by Mg.Hum.T. Bicjutko, who spoke on the goal and objectives of SIMELTA project and introduced participants with SIMELTA partner institutions from France, Portugal and Italy. The seminar was organized into two workshops held by Dr.philol. Vita Kalnbērziņa and Mg.philol. Irina Trofimova.

Dr.philol. Vita Kalnbērziņa, an expert of the ESF project “Competency approach in learning content” and a researcher with the Centre for Applied Linguistics at the University of Latvia emphasized the role of transversal competence in the new study content, as well as stimulated discussion on methods for critical thinking, creativity, and co-operation in the classroom. Dr.philol. Vita Kalnbērziņa introduced the opportunities offered by the play White Rabbit, Red Rabbit and invited participants to act and stage their stories.

Mg.philol. Irina Trofimova gave the workshop on the use of theatrical elements which contribute to the successful acquisition of new vocabulary as well as the development of speaking skills.

The roundtable discussion led by Mg. philol. Līga Beļicka allowed participants to share their experience and good practice with colleagues as well as to identify issues that should be tackled. It was decided that the Centre of Applied Linguistics might become a hub or a reference point in the topics relevant to drama use in the classroom.

The recording are available here:

Part 1

Part 2

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