The meeting took place on May the 13th, from 5pm to 7pm at Cairoli Institute (a High School in Pavia) and was attended by 4 teachers and 3 animators: 3 other trainers, who had assured their participation, had to give it up at the last minute.

The discussion has been really lively and very meaningful. All showed a real interest about our project.

This is a short summary of the conclusions we have drawn:

  • their first questions concerned what we mean by theatrical activities: we have rather emphasized that these were mainly to intenda as bodily expression activities and simulations / role plays;
  • the participants highlighted how adequate spaces allowing free mouvements and interactions while playing are an absolutely essential condition;
  • all pointed out that in language learning, the implementation of the body movement is significant, as the language, when it’is acquired and acted, fits into the body and won’t fade from memory;
  • another fundamental remark concerned the cultural aspects, mostly unconscious, that come into play when we are doing exercises focused on the body; it is often difficult to be aware of it and to hold it in account as animators;
  • similarly, it was noted the importance of the rhythm and its creation during the acquisition of new linguistic materials;
  • with regard to simulation situations, so that they have a certain dynamism, they must be always not trivial, but should anticipate conflicts or some unexpected moments;
  • moreover, it became clear that there’s a need for alternation between formal lessons (for ex. grammar) and theatrical activities, so that there is a balance between cognitive acquisitions and those arising from a personal emotion;
  • finally, we stressed the importance of creating a kind of “syllabus” and planning a training course with a precise progression to offer to teachers and animators, with a large space devoted to creation and the invention of activities by the participants.

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